After the hugely successful MoodleMoot UK 2010 in London, we’re really pleased to welcome delegates back to an even bigger and better MoodleMoot UK 2011.

MOOTUK11 will take place on the 19 & 20 of April at Senate House, London.

Sean Keogh from, a member of the Planning Committee for MoodleMoot UK 2011, who organised MoodleMoot UK since its start in 2004 up to 2009, says “ULCC did a great job in 2010, and I’m really happy that they have stepped up to the front to take on the job again. I’m looking forward to seeing what new things we can expect for the Moot in 2011 – I’ll be there!”

Last year we explored how Moodle had evolved to support the needs of a changing education sector. It had quickly found its place in the e-learning landscape and established itself as the world’s leading LMS.

This year, we will be exploring how companies that provide vocational training courses for specific industries are using eLearning to reach students all over the world, with the particular example of Discovery Learning Personal Trainer Certificates which the company sells online and deliver through an online Student Zone to customers in the UK and India.

What to expect

This year, we’d like to push beyond the mainstream and map out the range of places where we find Moodle in many diverse applications. We celebrate the fact that it is no longer the reserve of the university sector – we’re witnessing the increasing use in schools, further education, adult education, health and commercial training sectors. Impetus for change is no longer only about cost, but also about flexibility. Moodle’s ease of integration and use with other systems and tools to meet the growing demand from learners for co-production and personalisation is a key factor in its success.

MoodleMoot UK 2011 provides us with an opportunity to celebrate this diversity and showcase the amazing innovative work that is now taking place across all sectors. With the advent of Moodle 2.0 we’ll look forward to an exciting future ahead.

Who should attend

MOOTUK11 is for anyone using or planning to use Moodle for delivering e-learning and training. You may be from any part of the education sector (HE, FE, Schools, ACL or WBL) or using Moodle in a different environment (e.g. health, staff development or commercial training). The conference will provide a forum to share experience with others with a similar role (e-learning manager, teacher, learning technologist, administrator, technical support, developer or event learner) but also an opportunity to understand the perspectives of those in other roles. There will be sessions to reflect the range of experience with Moodle, for those just starting out as well as those who have been using Moodle for years. The conference will also explore how Moodle interworks with other applications.

In the feedback from last year’s Moot, delegates asked for a more tech/developer focused strand and as a result we are putting together a 1-day pre-Moot developer Unconference. We are glad to have the support of Dan Humpherson, UI Developer at Synetrix/i2Q and member of the Planning Committee for MoodleMoot UK who volunteered to help us organise it.

He says, “This is a fantastic opportunity for Moodle developers to geek out. The pre-Moot should serve as the perfect platform to enable developers to share, discuss, connect and socialize, I’m particularly interested to see what I can learn myself being somewhere between a developer and a designer.

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